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Cartagena de indias Historical and cultural heritage of humanity

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Declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Historic Site, Cartagena is by no means a dead city.
It is totally vibrant and full of life. This is a favorite place for thousands of visitors that at all times of the year come to discover the charm of its streets, old houses and colonial buildings. There are magnificently maintained churches, a cathedral, and there is even an adjacent castle overlooking the city walls, with tunnels which can be explored. Balconies with cascading flowers, colorful walls and native-costumed street sellers give an unimaginable kaleidoscope to feast the eyes.

More than 5 centuries of history, legends and natural and cultural richness, has attracted the attention of businessmen, tourists, movie and TV personalities, international writers, and many others who are realizing the cities potential to be the ideal place to have fun, relaxation, historical interest, or closing business.

The city is graced with beautiful squares, magnificent churches and exclusive restaurants and coffee shops where you can enjoy our delicious gastronomy. You can also find museums such as the Palace of Inquisition, considered to be the best example of civil architecture of the XVIII century, and the Gold Museum, where one can appreciate the most beautiful pre-Colombian jewelry. You could enjoy of our beautiful streets by foot, or riding in traditional horse and carriage. You can shop for the most exclusive handicrafts and beautiful original leather goods. The city has represented also most famous Colombian fashion designers boutiques, galleries and jewelry stores where you can appreciate the most beautiful economic emeralds in the world.

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